Monday, January 30, 2012

Come one, Come all..

Text source, Image by Beck

Welcome to a little piece of our world here at L'Amour Propre which translated means: 

amour pro·pre \ˌa-ˌmr-ˈprōprəˌä-, -ˈprȯprə\
Definition : self-esteem
Origin :French amour-propre, literally, love of oneself
First Known Use: 1775

Hey guys, Jennifer and Beck here. Welcome to our new domain. We decided to come together to create a joint blog for all of you to enjoy. This blog is a little different from our previous blogs because it features a wide variety of things. This blog is meant to be dynamic, just like us, and as we change or become interested in other things so will this blog.

We also want you to have fun in your own life. Learning and growing is all a part of who we are as humans. We hope that you enjoy what we have to say and our view on the world but most importantly we hope to help you (and let's face it..even us) learn to love ourselves a lot more everyday. After all the blog is called L'Amour Propre! Oui!

*J & B*

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