Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY - Coffee Can Cover Up

I was lamenting the other day about the lack of storage I have on my desk for office supplies. The pencil cup I have is too small and too short to support my collection of various scissors, and I was trying to think of what sort of container I could buy that would work when I remembered we had recently gone through a can of coffee and I had been saving it for the kids to use outside. Since we have caffeine almost on IV here and it's been too cold and rainy to play outside when we have them I thought they'd manage to wait until the next empty can comes along and re-appropriated it. 

I'm sure I'll add to it, but all I used for this besides the coffee can is some plain white printer paper (you'll need legal or ledger sized, or you could use craft or butcher paper. I added some adhesive borders that I found while I was browsing the craft store the other day. The purple lace pattern wasn't quite long enough to  meet in the middle, so I cut the floral border to size and put it over the gap.

The borders were already glittered up and there were quite a few designs in the package. I can see them coming in handy for other embellished art projects.

What have you upcycled lately?


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