Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lessons I learned while moving

Since technically I am all moved now I thought I would share a couple of lessons I learned along the way. If you've ever moved I'm sure you can relate. I'm just super glad that I didn't move across the state or out of state. I can't even imagine how hideous that would be!

1. Stressing out about things beyond your control doesn't make it magically fix itself, it just makes you more exhausted.
      - Everyone kept trying to tell me about this before I moved but I'm pretty stubborn so this lesson didn't kick in until right in the middle of the move. Do yourself a favor and take things as they come. You are already going to be physically exhausted, there is no point in being mentally exhausted as well!

2. You can either be prepared and live out of boxes or move your stuff in garbage bags.
       - Just trust me on this, get lots and lots of boxes. And use them!

3. Be prepared to have absolutely no control! Zero, zilch, nada.
      - I don't think I can stress this enough but I learned how much control I actually had when my husband broke his nose in the middle of the move. Suddenly everything was put to a halt so I could tend to him and make sure he was taken care of.

4. Even though it's not quite home yet, my home is wherever my spouse is!
       - When I first thought about moving to this house I felt like a stranger in someone else's house. The minute my honey and I spent our first night there with our belongings it started feeling like home. Each day I feel more and more comfortable.

5. You become acutely aware of all the crap you own that you really don't need!
      - Pack up your whole life in 20+ boxes and you will quickly learn how much crap you don't really need. It's true.

6. Families are amazing, especially mine!
      - Unfortunately for me I didn't have 20 friends to help me move (that story is for another day) but I did have 6 amazing people helping and I'm so glad I can call them family. My gratitude for them can not be put into words. I hope everyone is as lucky as I am to have such a wonderful family!

7. Prioritize and categorize.
      - For me that meant getting my kitchen in order and tonight it will be tackling my closet. Is it necessary to hang pictures the first day you move in? No. Even though I have done that before. What is necessary is that you prioritize what you need to have done first.

8. Patience Patience Patience!
     - Just remember to breathe, it will all be OK. It takes time to get everything done and situated but it will all come together eventually.

9. Apartments have essentially spoiled me more.
     - Since I now live in an older house I have creaky uneven floors and not so great water pressure which I didn't have in the apartment but that's what happens when you live in a house. For some its called home ownership, luckily for me it's just called renting!

Pretty soon I will be back to a normal life and be able to find all my belongings again but for now I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that I'm still alive but I'm just buried under boxes and mess. Have a happy Tuesday!


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