Monday, March 12, 2012

Budget Artwork

If you are broke like me you don't have thousands of dollar to spend on proper artwork. In all actuality I don't even really have hundreds of dollars to spend on artwork. So I improvise. 

Whenever I run into interesting calendars I like to take them apart and use them in my house as artwork. Now realize I'm not talking about the pretty kitty calendars but sophisticated animal or retro, bright colored calendars. 

I've hung up my calendar artwork in many different ways. I've framed them in simple frames or even just simply taped them to the wall. The faux gallery wall (below) is even used with tape and string. Not only does it keep your cost down but it also is easy to remove without damaging your walls.

Sometimes you have think outside the box in order to have a nice looking place on a pauper's budget. If you have any secret budget saving decorating ideas please feel free to share. I'm not above stealing anyone else's ideas. 


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