Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Trends for Spring/Summer 2012

To continue the previous post on 2012 trends I thought I'd go over a few more.


If, like me, you are not a fan of the color of the year (orange), fear not - Other fluorescent hues are also de mode, such as Neon Pink, Yellow or turquoise (among others)

An easy way of taking part in this trend is to pair it with neutrals

Pinned Image  Knits And Brights TOXIC VISION hot pink leather signature motorcycle jacket

Or incorporate the color through use of accessories

Pinned Image 

Bright bags are especially popular right now, especially satchels and other clean lined styles like clutches and totes
   Neon croc-effect leather shoulder bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)    

Or you can go all out with the highlighter colors-

Pinko look neon green! 

Color blocking

In some cases I think colorblocking is an excuse for people to put whatever two colors they want together, but in others it adds a pleasant and graphic punch to an outfit. I especially like color-blocked shoes (no surprise), because even if you live in black or neutral clothes, its an easy way to bring in an accent hue for some contrast.

sundress Eva-6 Two Tone Colorblock Strappy Platform Sandal  

"Urban Jungle"

This trend and the next two have a lot of crossovers in my mind - but as for the urban jungle, this has less to do with safari wear and more along the lines of cleaner lines, utility features (cargo pockets, structured jackets, etc). It appeals to me personally because I'm essentially a country girl and this lets me get the edgy style of more city-fied pieces but still being completely functional for my lifestyle.


When I think of asymmetry the first thing that comes to mind is my black leather motorcycle jacket (similar to the one below  Slanting hems, uneven layers, and even a contrast of materials could be considered asymmetry.

Pinned Image 

Hard Edge

Akin to the Urban Jungle trend, but I see this as being a sleeker, more modern silhouette. Sharp shouldered blazers, skinny pants, straight lines, and lots of leather 

.Model: Freja Beha Erichsen  Images Courtesy of Mo & Co.

Flat Loafers and Oxfords

When it comes to shoes I'm generally of the "higher the heel the better" variety, but I can get behind this look. Flats need not be frumpy or frou frou. 

Little touches like straps and studs also help add a little personality, or go for a classic wingtip - 

Pinned Image

If you can get away with wearing guys sizes, try browsing the mens shoes for ideas 

Pinned Image

Your shoes are also a place you can incorporate some more color and pattern- 

Pinned Image

What will you be wearing this season?


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