Monday, March 5, 2012

*J*'s Take on 2012 Sping/Summer Trends

The big 5 trends for Sping/Summer 2012 according to You Look Fab are:

Midi Skirts & Dresses
Soft Dressing
Refined Footwear

Now here is my take on them:

Midi Skirts & Dresses:

Let's be honest here, I actually had to look up the definition for Midi, and it makes complete sense. In case you didn't know, its a skirt or dress that hits mid-calf. Duh! 

I actually kind of like this trend and in fact I'm already ahead of the game already owning some midi skirts. Although if you aren't like me and want to get in on this trend I would suggest hitting up your local thrift store for some cheap versions of this trend. You will not only be able to save some dollars but will probably be able to get a skirt just like this since unfortunately it's sold out. 

This trend also works out for those days you haven't shaved your whole leg..come on I know I'm not the only one that does this. My vote is 2 thumbs up!

Patterned Dressing:

For those of you who live under a rock and don't realize that Anya Ayoung-Chee won the last Project Runway well you better get online and watch last season's episodes. This very fresh, young, & talented designer knows exactly how to do patterns! Maybe it's her island aesthetic and maybe she just loves patterns but either way we could take a few lessons from her.

So my vote for patterns is the more the merrier! Just make sure you keep your proportions correct or you could look like your hiding your body under a tent. So get on board and as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it Work!"

Soft Dressing:

Maybe this isn't what designers meant by soft dressing but I like this picture and I think you get the point. For spring think soft flowy fabrics and a little bit of draping. Silk, Chiffon, Tulle..Oh My!

I think I could get on this bandwagon BUT I will more than likely put my own twist on this by adding something tough so it's not so girly. I still enjoy the contrast of hard and soft when it comes to clothes. My vote for this is to at least try it and see what happens.

Refined Footwear:

I love shoes. Let me start by saying that now. While I won't turn most shoes down, especially some red-bottoms as I like to call them. I don't know if I'm all about the refined footwear trend. I like statement shoes. I like to stand out from the crowd. I'm also by no means ladylike and when I think of refined footwear I think of ladylike.

I'm going to vote cautiously on this trend. Feel free to try it for yourself but I'm gonna feel this one out first! 


I use orange in the decoration of my home but if I think about it very carefully I don't really have a lot of orange in my closet. I have some orange accessories and an orange sweater but sometimes I'm a little stumped by this color. If you wear it with black you look Halloween themed and if you wear it with white you look like a creamsicle. 

Since I like to try most things at least once and especially so when it comes to fashion I may try this trend. So I'm still voting cautiously with a promise to try it. 

For more on these trends and the other 2012 Spring/Summer trends check out the You Look Fab's editorial. Let us know what you think of these trends and feel free to send us your interpretation of these or the rest of the Spring/Summer trends. Until next time..


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  1. I am loving the mid skirt trend. I love flowy skirts :) I am also glad to see fun patterns coming back. I loved Anya! Soft dressing is alittle to young for me. I do love bouncy skirts but I like structure too. I like simple shoes. Maybe alittle embellishments but nothing over the top. I am digging the orange. Not sure how I would wear it thought :)

    Great post!!!