Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home sweet almost home..

(Living Room - Say Hi to my mom!)

As you well know, I'm moving. These pictures are of my new place before the previous tenant moved out. There is gonna be some fixing up done and a LOT of painting but I wanted to share with you guys some before pictures of the place.

(Master bedroom)

Once we get all moved in and things are settled I will try to remember to take some more pictures for you. Also I will probably take some pictures of the front of the house and our massive back yard (thank god my husband likes to work out, he's got a lot to mow).


The kitchen is not my favorite but I'm gonna do my best to make it nicer. I eventually want to paint the kitchen cabinets white but for now I will probably just paint the paneled backsplash white. Hopefully that will do enough of a trick to make it look better.

(2nd bedroom/my walk-in closet)

Also, technically there is a second bedroom but for now it's going to become my walk-in closet/office. We may put a sofa bed or something in there eventually but not right away.

(Laundry Room)

It's actually going to be nice to have an actual laundry room instead of a laundry closet but unfortunately the nice washer and dryer didn't stay. Again more painting in here and some shelves will be put up.

So now if I'm missing for a couple days you will know why.


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