Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book(s) Of The Month - May Edition

It's been a little slow on the reading front, but this month I've been reading multiple books.

I first knew about Garrison Keillor from the radio show A Prairie Home Companion, and I actually read his other Lake Wobegon book called Pontoon. These books based on life in a fictitious small town in Minnesota are pretty hilarious, in my opinion, so I've been enjoying them.

Jen and I have also been reading the 50 Shades Grey series. My opinion about the books keep changing, because I think the whole premise is entirely too cliche and it makes me put them more in the category of a romance novel than a legitimate novel. I'm intrigued by the characters though, which is why I keep reading, although I'm sure Jen is getting tired of me getting to certain points and sending her text messages along the lines of "OMG REALLY THAT IS SO SURPRISING, oh wait- no it's not", or musing back and forth whether the books were sponsored by Converse and Audi.

Jen is actually lending me the books, which is kinda a leap of faith on her part because she is like me in that her books are her babies, and she is sending 2 of them over the great lakes for me to borrow. I told her I promise that I would keep them out of the twins' reach. They're too busy with their own books anyways - My BF and I recently got them a whole series of matching books that they love

Toy Story 3 Look and FindLook and Find: Disney Princess (Look and Find (Publications International))Look and Find: Mickey Mouse & Friends

So if you think about it, I've got a lot of books in circulation this month. My eyes are tired!

What are you reading lately?


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