Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow

Since I've been living in a house for the past year or so and finally have a chance to put down roots I've been trying to cultivate my green thumb. I have a few houseplants as well but the wee ones have managed to knock most of them over so they are a little sad at the moment until I can get them re-potted. Outside is another story - In the fall I planted a lot of bulbs, and sat back and crossed my fingers. By the time they sprouted I had forgotten what exactly they were supposed to be. The day the first one bloomed I was so happy! Not only because they grew in the first place, but because I love Daffodils!

2012_04_03 daffodils

Something about Daffodils just makes me happy. They also make me think of Alice in Wonderland. I half expect them to start talking to me when I'm out in the yard.

2012_04_03 daffodils

They've all died off now, sadly, but I've got some more plants to add in for the interim since daffodils will come back every year. They spread, too, so in another year or two my garden will not look so sparse.

Last weekend I did a lot of gardening, and while nothing has blooms yet I'll post an update on them later on.

Happy Gardening!


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