Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Shoes-Day!

So in an effort to bring you all some new content Beck and I have been doing some brainstorming on some new posts for you guys. This is one of the new ones. In case the title was self explanatory enough, on Tuesdays we are going to either features shoes we love and wish we had or what outfits we think the shoes would look great with. Here are just 3 that are on my wish list now:
This peep toe bootie is courtesy of Zara but as of today I can't seem to find it! I am so thoroughly disappointed and hope that it will show up again soon so I can purchase it

This grey wedge is from Target and has a funny story. Beck was out shopping one day and decided to send me a picture of her with these shoes on and of course I fell in love with them. I don't know if I should be glad she showed me them or not...I guess that depends on whether or not I will be able to buy them this weekend!
Last but not least is another pair of lovelies from Zara. Since most of my wardrobe seems to be colored but not my shoe selection. These lovelies would help bring some pizazz to my feet! Classic and modern all at the same time!

Now wipe the drool off and go buy some shoes! You have my permission.*


*Feel free to send us pics of your new shoes as well so we can drool some more over the shoes! 

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