Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Shoes-Day!

In today's Shoes day post I want to share with you all a pair of shoes that I have been lusting after on Zara for quite some time and how I would wear this for a summer BBQ or even a day out shopping.

(Disclaimer: This is just a suggestion as I know my tastes are quite different then most.)

 To me nothing is easier to wear then a pair of jeans and a tank top and while it may seem like a boring combination there are many things you can do to jazz up this boring combo. 

Since I've been obsessed with colored pants these last couple of weeks I think these sandals would go perfect with these colored jeans and this simple swinging tank. Though it may seem crazy to pair light pink pants with a shirt that doesn't have any pink in it, that's what makes the outfit interesting. Just consider the pants a part of the "White" family and then they will feel more like a neutral. If you want to be even bolder you could wear this tank with some patterned pants. Its your outfit though so put your own spin on it and make it work for you!


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