Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trend To Watch - Bug Jewelry

I've noticed more and more that insect inspired jewelry is coming to the fore-front lately. Beetles, Butterflies, Caterpillars and the like are beeing seen more and more in magazines, movies and television - even on shows like my favorite, Game of Thrones -

Sansa's butterfly/moth (?) ring isn't the only bug bling on the program either - she also had a dragonfly necklace, and other characters are also seen wearing bug rings and bracelets. I wish I could find if her ring is available for sale somewhere though - anyone else found it?

Honey bees have caught my fancy the most lately - Especially when the designs incorporate honeycomb shapes as well. This little "bugger" from JewelMint is cute - 
Pinned Image

and my Etsy favorites have been "swarmed" with bees lately (har har)

This necklace in particular is up there on my wishlist - 

Ready to Ship- Sweets for the Sweet- Sterling Silver Honeycomb Necklace by Rachel Pfeffer

I have a few pieces of bug jewelry in my possession already, but those are comprised of mostly butterflies and spiders. I've been thinking of adding a few beetle bugs and other creepy crawlies to the mix, and I've found quite a few sparkly slithery things that would work out just fine - 

CUSTOM - Mussorgsky Ring with Soft Black Spikes Pinned Image Pinned Image

Thai Jewel Beetle Wing Bib Necklace #jewelry #boho #bug #green #necklace Necklace Steampunk Jewelry Bug Gothic Victorian Flying Insect Silver Plated Vintage Movement From Cosmic Firefly

I'm not sure I have enough guts to wear a live beetle brooch, but a silver counterpart would be just fine.

Would you wear insect jewelry?

I hope all my post didn't "bug" you :)


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