Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY: Yarn Covered Vase

If you're addicted to Pinterest like myself then you have probably seen this DIY on the website quite frequently. What you don't realize though is how easy and how cheap this project is and if you are a frequent wine drinker then you are on your way to making this project even cheaper. Plus you can easily make these while you're watching your favorite TV show i.e. 2 Broke Girls. Here's what you'll need to make these:

1 Wine bottle or wine cooler bottle
Double Sided Tape
Yarn (any color or colors you like)

Before you start make sure you have cleaned the wine bottle out, taken any labels off, and the outside of the wine bottle is clean and dry. The next step can be done 2 different ways, you can either wrap the tape around the bottle all at once or you can tape as you go. I suggest doing the latter so that way miscellaneous hairs and fibers don't attach themselves to your bottle.

Carefully start wrapping your yarn from the top of the bottle going around the bottle in single rows making sure to pull tight on the yarn as you go and covering the bottle so the bottle doesn't peek through. As you can see in the picture below I didn't start at the very top. You can either come back and do that part separately later or you can use the very top of the bottle as your starting point. It benefits you to do it the way that I did it in this instance if you are color blocking. Also make sure that while you are wrapping the bottle you don't cut the yarn until you are down to the bottom. Just let the yarn hang out on the floor while you wrap and perhaps your kitty can have a little fun too!


After you are done wrapping just neatly cut off the yarn were you think it will look ok. Please note that I have not perfected how to make the bottom look as perfect as the top but that's alright, perfection is overrated anyway! No one will notice..I hope. Now you have a one of a kind vase to use for flowers or even just to group together like moi! So happy crafting...


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