Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. President

In honor of Presidents day here is just a couple of our countries "sexiest" presidents. Mind you there weren't many but hey good looks don't run the country very well!!

*Disclaimer: This is meant to be funny, please don't ever ever every take this seriously!*

President Kennedy. Probably the only President any woman may describe as "sexy" or at least the most memorable. Whether is was his rumored affair with Marilyn Monroe or his fashionable first lady this man managed to run the country with a hunkiness!

President Lincoln. Honest Abe. He may be known for helping free the slaves but as you can tell there was a scruffiness to this President. He may have died with a blow to the head but he definitely left his mark on our world. Bravo Abe, Bravo!

President Franklin Roosevelt. In true nepotism style I had to add one of my ancestors. He was known for something but for me he was known as my extra credit in high school history class. His cousin Theodore Roosevelt was also a former president and again extra credit for me. It was probably the only reason I didn't fail history that year!

Happy Presidents Day Everyone!


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